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Rama Ken
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- About Me -

I am a computer science graduate from Pai Chai University located in South Korea. I have been in the web development field for six years. During my time in this field I have been able to use my skills to solve different solutions using my programming knowledge while working with different people and organizations. This has helped me to learn a lot from other people and grow my skills.
I have worked with Sinteyang(http://www.styp.kr/) as a web developer and designer. I have also worked for dealWip as a Quality Assurance engineer. Besides from my knowledge in computer programming I have skills in graphic design software which have enabled me to make better solutions.


My Designs

Most of my designs are minimalistic. I believe simplicity and clarity brings comfort. I design websites in photoshop and illustrator.I animate my designs in After effects. In general I use the following tools when I am designing:Photoshop , Illustrator, After Effects Canva and Powerpoint.


My Code

I mainly program in CSS and Javascript technologies for the front end. I use the LAMP stack to do the back-end development. I use functional programming as a style of code. I use the following tools when coding : Sublime , Visual Code , Postman, Git , FileZilla and Chrome Dev tools.


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